Bunraku kouen

Bunraku will perform in Tokyo. Bunraku is one of the traditional performing arts in Japan. it was designated a World intangible Heritage by UNESCO in2003.
The origins of Bunraku starts from seventeenth century. It is puppet show collaborate with traditional instruments.

Location: Nagata-cho
Open hour: 17:00-20:55
14:00-17:55 12/5・12/7・12/8・12/12・12/14・12/15
Seat charge: first class 5900yen(student 4100yen)
second class 4800円(student 2400yen)
third class 1500円(student 1100yen)
Address: 4-1 Hayabusa-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Station nearby: Hanzomon(Metro Hanzomon lines)
Nagata-cho (Metro Hanzomon,Yurakucho,Nanboku lines)
Tel: 03-3265-7411


Thursday 4 December – Tuesday 16 December, 2014

4-1 Hayabusacho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

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